WIDOW’S WALK (video), “Performance Mix: 33,” University Settlement House, NYC, June 7, 2019

WIDOW (performance + video), “Women Between Arts,” The New School, Arnhold Hall Glass Box Theater, NYC, July 6, 2019

WIDOW|GHOSTS (video) & DESERT WIDOW (video + performance), Cinédanse Ottowa, Canada, Arts Court, September 17 – 22, 2019


OPIUM | with Celeste Hastings and the Butoh Rockettes (dance), Coney Island Ritual Performance Festival, NYC, 2019

WIDOW_remix (video), Experimental Forum, Los Angeles, CA (Honorable Mention), 2018

Excerpt from SHOWGIRLS, Choreographed by Karen Bernard, with Karen Bernard, Rachel Germond and Jil Guyon, Movement Research at Judson Church, NYC, 2018

EVENING WITHOUT ANGELS (solo performance), “Rear Window Performance Series,” Glasshouse, Brooklyn, 2018

WIDOW’S WALK (video), “Le Petit Festival,” La Maison Du Portugal, Paris, France, 2018

WW (video) “Signal to Noise,” Museum of the Museum Image, NYC, 2018

WW (video) “Psychedelic Film and Music Festival,” Museum of the Museum Image, NYC, 2018

WW (video), “Horn: Experimental Film Festival,” Jerusalem, Israel, 2018

WW (video), “14th Athens Digital Arts Festival,” Megaron, Athens Concert Hall, Greece, 2018

DESERT WIDOW (video), “Sarah Lawrence College Dance Film Festival,” Bronxville, New York, 2018

WIDOW_remix (video), “Les Rencontres, Traverse Vidéo,” Toulouse, France, 2018

VIGIL (video), “Cube Art Project/Digital Arts Initiative” – large format public screening, Lincoln, NE, 2018

WW (video), “Frame & Frequency IV,” VisArts, Rockville, MD & PLECTO Galleria, Medellín, Colombia, 2018

WIDOW|GHOSTS (video), “3 Minute Film Festival,” California Center for Art, Science and Technology, Santa Barbara, 2017 (Finalist Award in the Experimental category)

WIDOW_remix (video), “AFC Global Fest,” Bangalore, India, 2017

WIDOW_remix (video), “Bideodromo International Film and Video Festival,” Bilbao, Spain, 2017

WIDOW|GHOSTS & WW (videos), “Fayetteville International Film Festival,” Fayetteville, AR, 2017

WIDOW (durational performance), “Neo-Domesticity Performance Art Festival,” Glasshouse, Brooklyn, NY, 2017

WIDOW (performance), Queens Museum, Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, NYC, 2017

WIDOW|GHOSTS (video), “Chelsea Fashion and Film Festival,” NYC, 2017

WIDOW_remix (video), Broadcast on OKTO TV, Austria, 2017

WIDOW_remix (video), “Contemporary Art Ruhr, Media Art Fair,” Essen, Germany, 2017

WIDOW_remix (video), “DELETE TV Film Festival,” London, U.K., 2017

DESERT WIDOW (video + solo performance), “Inverse Performance Art Festival,” Crystal Bridges Museum of Art, AR, 2017

WIDOW_remix (video), “NOW New Music Festival,” Columbus, OH, 2017

WW (video), “Vision All Together: Performance Art for Video,” Durango Art Center, CO, 2017

DESERT WIDOW (video), “San Francisco Dance Film Festival,” CA, 2016

DESERT WIDOW (video), Numeridanse.TV – online dance-video library owned by Centre National de la Danse and La Maison de la Danse de Lyon, France, 2016

DESERT WIDOW (video + solo performance), “Fridays at Noon,” 92nd St. Y, NYC, 2016

WIDOW (video), “New Genre Festival XXIII,” Living Arts of Tulsa, OK, 2016

DESERT WIDOW (video), “Migrations Dance Film Festival,” Wales, U.K., 2016

DAMN YOUR EYES (solo performance), Choreographed by Karen Bernard, Performed by Jil Guyon, Abrons Art Center, NYC, 2016

DESERT WIDOW (video + solo performance), Abrons Art Center, “Performance Mix Festival,” NYC, 2016

DESERT WIDOW (video), “NYC Film Screenings,” Lovecraft Theater, NYC, 2015

DESERT WIDOW (video), Accolade Award for Experimental Film, La Jolla, CA, 2015

DESERT WIDOW (video), “Women & Fashion FilmFest,” Symphony Space, NYC, 2015 (Best Experimental Film)

WIDOW, DESERT WIDOW, and VIGIL (videos), “Cinedanse Quebec,” Musee de la Civilisation, Quebec City, Canada, 2015

VIGIL (video installation), “Fashion Art Toronto,” Daniel’s Spectrum, Canada, 2015

WIDOW (solo performance), “Homage to Pina Bausch,” Glasshouse, Brooklyn, NY, 2015

HOLLY (video), “Miniature Film Festival,” Vancouver, Canada, 2015

WIDOW (video), “NOW New Music Festival,” Columbus, OH, 2015

HOLLY (video), “TOFF Online Video Festival,” 2015

WIDOW (video), “Toronto Urban Film Festival,” Canada, 2014 (video screened throughout Toronto subway system – curated by Guy Maddin)

STRANGE DEAR (solo dance) Choreographed by Karen Bernard, “1993-1996 It Could Have Been Different (a retrospective of the work of Karen Bernard),” Triskelion Arts, Brooklyn, NY, 2014

WIDOW (video), The Best Shorts Competition, Award for Excellence in experimental film, La Jolla, CA, 2014

WIDOW (video), The IndieFEST Award for Excellence in experimental film, La Jolla, CA, 2014

WIDOW (video), “Dance on Camera,” Walter Reade Theater, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, NYC, 2014 – Touring

WIDOW (video), “Fashion Art Toronto,” Daniel’s Spectrum, Toronto, Canada, 2014

WIDOW (video), “Performance Mix Festival,” Flea Theater, NYC, 2013

WIDOW (solo performance), Amos Eno Gallery, NYC, 2012

SOMNOMBULA (performance), “Westfest at Westbeth: Site Specific Dance Festival,” NYC, 2012

Excerpt from WIDOW (solo performance), “ITINERANT Performance Art Festival,” Crossing Gallery, NYC, 2012

TATIANA’S SHADOW | with Celeste Hastings and the Butoh Rockettes (dance), “Dance at Noon,” 92nd St. Y, NYC, 2012

MYSTERIUM (performance), Joyce Soho, NYC, 2011

MYSTERIUM (performance), “3 Femmes,” Dixon Place, NYC, 2011

RETURN TO EDO (performance), Webster Hall, NYC, 2011

H.U.G. by Julie Troost (performance), “Solar One Festival,” NYC, 2011

Excerpt from WIDOW (solo performance), “White Wave Festival,” John Ryan Theater, Brooklyn, NY, 2010

WIDOW (solo performance), “3 Femmes,” Dixon Place, NYC, 2010

H.U.G. by Julie Troost (performance), “Conflux Festival,” NYC, 2010

“Flexicurve Podcast Dance Festival,” 2009

GEISHA | with Celeste Hastings and The Butoh Rockettes (dance), “P.S. 122 Benefit,” Abrons Art Center, NYC, 2009

WIDOW (solo performance), Studio 303, Montreal, Canada, 2009

Widow (solo performance), “Performance Mix Festival,” Joyce Soho, NYC, 2009

UNTITLED (solo performance), “60 x 60 Festival,” Galapagos Art Center, Brooklyn, NY, 2009

TATIANA’S SHADOW | with Celeste Hastings and the Butoh Rockettes (dance), “Zeroplan,” Boston, MA, 2008

THIRST (solo performance), “The American Living Room Festival,” Here Arts Center @ 3LD Art and Technology Center, NYC, 2007

TATIANA’S SHADOW | with Celeste Hastings and the Butoh Rockettes (dance), “Food for Thought Festival,” St. Mark’s Church, NYC, 2007

UNISON (solo performance), Holy Cross Monastery, West Park, NY, 2007

SEASONS | with Celeste Hastings and the Butoh Rockettes (dance), Guastavinos, NYC, 2007

AGORA II by Noemie Lafrance (guest artist), McCarren Park Pool, Brooklyn, NY, 2006

Excerpt from AGORA II by Noemie Lafrance (dance), Black and White Gallery, NYC, 2006

Excerpts from BURNING PRAYERS (solo performance), “International Arts Movement Festival,” Tokyo, Japan, 2006

Excerpts from Burning Prayers (solo performance), “CAN Festival,” Tokyo, Japan, 2005

BURNING PRAYERS (dance-performance), Kosmos Theatre, Vienna, Austria, 2002

AT THE BORDERS OF ETERNITY | Diary of Anne Frank (dance-theater), WUK (Werkstätten und Kulturhaus), Vienna, Austria, 2001

AT THE BORDERS OF ETERNITY | Diary of Anne Frank (dance-theater), Auferstehungskirche, Vienna, Austria, 2000

SOMEWHERE (performance), Stadthalle, Bremen, Germany, 2000

LENORE (dance-theater), Bühne im Hof, St. Pölten, Austria, 1999

LITANY FOR THE ANIMALS (an Opera in 3 Acts) by Mihoko Suzuki (stage direction), Washington Square Church, NYC, 1997

GROUND ZERO (solo performance), Dance Theater Workshop, NYC, 1996

VARIATIONS ON A SCENE by Joan Jonas (Performance), Wave Hill Dancescape, Riverdale, NY, 1995

OVER THERE (solo performance), “Cleveland Performance Art Festival,” Cleveland, OH, 1995

TUSK (solo performance), The Museum of Natural History, NYC, 1995