I’m continuing work on a solo, movement-based project comprised of a succession of live performances, videos, and photographs. The project series, entitled Widow, explores themes and abstractions ranging from grief to female identity. In each creation a nameless woman wearing a black dress, heels, and an unfurling belt is driven into an unexpected environment and forced to contend with the emotional and symbolic energies of each site she inhabits. Locations so far include: The Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, The Tube at 3-Legged Dog Art and Technology Center (3LD) New York, and Times Square. The next location is Iceland in 2018.


Below is a series of photographs-in-progress taken at 3LD as a part of this project:

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Also in process is a short video entitled “Ocean Veil,” shot with a GoPro on Coney Island. Currently it is silent, but I am working on a voiceover and possible sound score to accompany it: